Covid-19 Update

Green Kids will not be visiting schools in person in 2020, but we are offering all of our Classroom Eco Drama Workshops via videoconferencing, in both English and en français. 


Also, check out our Study Guides from our past productions on the Free Resources page. 

On Now

Wild Wild Wilderness!

Sidewalk Soirees with Fête Jockey

We are proud to be partnering with Fête Jockey this summer to produce socially distanced, outdoor programming for family gatherings and birthday parties.  Let us bring Wild Wild Wilderness to you!  Wild Wild Wilderness tells the story of one kid's accidental effect on a nearby forest and its creatures.  We get to know about the animals, their habitat and how they spend their time, as they try to solve the mystery of ‘the golden shiny thing’ - while narrowly escaping the dangers this human-made object presents.  But animals (and trees) are smart, and they teach the child a few valuable lessons.  Performed by two actor/storytellers and armfuls of adorable puppets, Wild Wild Wilderness demonstrates the connections between habitat, wildlife, and human activity. Bookings are being done through Fête Jockey.

Coming Back Soon!

We are excited to bring these classic programs back once we return to classrooms!

Book a classroom Eco-Drama Workshop

Inspired by the Science Curriculum, Green Kids’ love of theatrics, and Mother Nature herself, these workshops will lead students on an exploration of what those 3 Rs really mean and how young and old can make them part of their everyday lives.

Book a Target Zero Eco Kids Tour of the Forks

An interactive, educational, and theatrical look at some eco-friendly initiatives at The Forks. This 60-minute walking tour teaches kids how to minimize their carbon footprint as they see, learn about, and physicalize biofuel, mass composting, geothermal technology, the 3Rs and more!


Most appropriate for Grades 3-7, each tour can accommodate up to 30 school children. They are offered rain, shine or snow.


Les tournées françaises et anglaises commenceront le jour de la Terre, le 22 avril.​

Learn more about The Forks and their Target Zero Program


Learn more about Multi Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM)

Zoo skits

Assiniboine Park Conservancy and Green Kids Inc. have created short skits focusing on the conservation, research and animal care happening at Assiniboine Park Zoo. Done “Guerrilla theatre” style, audiences never know when these wacky, yet informative characters will appear. 

Currently seeking youth volunteers!

In Development

Green Kids in a Box

In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, we are creating a brand new program, more hands-on than ever before, with a much smaller carbon footprint!

 “Green Kids In A Box” is everything schools need to produce and perform the newest play from Green Kids Inc. entitled, “Stand: A Story for Change.” 30 schools across Canada will be selected to be given a royalty-free package hoping they will use their existing budget to enhance environmental initiatives for their school.


The play will be part of a package: a full program designed to support the production of the play, complete with resource and support materials from science experiments to design ideas to drama activities.  Partnering schools will receive mentorship from Green Kids via video conferencing along the way. Green Kids in a Box; everything we would typically bring to a school, but now the students are the producers, designers, researchers and performers.  This program is offered in both English and French.

30 Schools Across Canada
Performing the same Play
To Celebrate our Planet
And Inspire Each Other to Take Better Care of It

To donate to help make this program a reality, please click here.

Bikes and Circuses!

Coming August 2021!

A family-friendly, outdoor event celebrating active transportation and our connection to the environment through circus arts, dance, music, physical theatre and clown.  Designed for people of all ages, audiences will choose to walk or roll (bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc.) a designated route through Winnipeg parkland, stopping to take in 20 short performances along the way.  The circus theme will lend itself to tongue-in-cheek parallels to climate change and other environmental issues, while a Ring Master points out positive actions families can adopt.  A great way to take in some art, exercise, and be eco-minded!   

Residency Program

Ever wanted to have a week devoted to science through drama? So have we!

Our goal is to create a residency, where the Green Kids will come and work with all the classes in your school to learn how to be “green” through theatre. Having more time at one school means getting to dive deeper into the concepts of what “being green” really means.

To donate to help make this program a reality, please click here​.

New and Improved Eco- tours of The Forks


Have you been on an Eco Tour of the forks?

You may have noticed that things have improved on The Fork’s mission on Target Zero. Because they have made their return on geothermal cooling and heating, they have invested that money on new initiatives! Join us soon on our new and improved Eco tour of the Forks, now 75 mins, and another stop along the way!

Ce n'est pas tout en anglais! Nos tournées Objectif Zéro sont aussi offertes en français! Puisque la Fourche a récupéré leurs investissements sur le système géothermique, ils ont commencé de nouvelles initiatives. Les tournées françaises et anglaises commenceront le jour de la Terre, le 22 avril.

Past Shows

2016-2019 Wild Wild Wilderness
The program follows the various animals of Pêkopêwin Forest, learning about their species and their habitat, as they become affected by water pollution and a change in their water cycle.

2014 The Unplugged Project
Centred around technology and 'screen time', unplugged addressed topics such as exercise, nutrition, sensory over-stimulation, inter-personal relationships, and responsible use of energy.

2013 & 2014  Recycle THIS.
This show focused on recycling - the science of it, and the environmental costs associated with choosing not to recycle.

2009, 2010 & 2013 Ebb & Flo - The Water Cycle
This show follows two water droplets through the water cycle, through time and history. A powerful animation and call to action.

2011 Palais Oops! A Green Pantomime
A tribute to the beginnings of sketch comedy, the play educated audiences about the very real threat of climate change and the immediate steps that can be taken to curb its effects.

Help inspire the next generation of environmental leaders