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Who We Are

Board of Directors


Jeff Golfman

Jeff is the Founder and President of The RAW Office, a Toronto, Canada based certified B Corp who is disrupting the market for non-strategic purchases of office supplies for businesses across North America. See more about Jeff here.

Michael Hancharyk

Michael Hancharyk

Michael is a prairie born graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Environmental Science. He's worked with non-profits to improve sustainability across the prairies and truly believes that sustainable education is the key to living a holistic lifestyle. See more about Michael here.


Delanie Russo

I started my path on being a "green kid" as a child watching David Suzuki on “The Nature of Things”with my grandparents.  I took my interest and passion for wanting a clean and sustainable earth to school and went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree... See more about Delanie here.

Alissa Watson.jpg

Alissa Watson

Alissa is a Winnipeg born artist and educator whose passions include physical comedy and “clowning around”.  She fell in love with Green Kids watching a production of The Lorax as a student many, MANY years ago and is thrilled to help promote environmental education all these years later. See more about Alissa here.

Board of Directors
Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee


Loc Lu

Loc Lu has been a proud member of Green Kids since 2002. His first experience with the environmental group dates back further into his childhood where he can remember sitting in the audience and being entertainingly educated about the importance of the "3 R's."Loc has toured all over Canada with various Green Kid productions. See more about Loc here.

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Spenser Payne

Spenser Payne is a graduate of the University of Alberta's Bachelor of Fine Arts acting program. She is a founding member of The Talentless Lumps, Red Nose Diaries, and Sweet and Salty Collective. Recently you may have seen her in Prairie Theatre Exchange’s “ Munschbusters” and “ The Good the Bad and the Munsch”, or touring across the prairies with Green Kids Inc’s “ Wild Wild Wilderness”. See more about Spenser here.

Executive Director

Daina's Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Daina Leitold

Daina is a Winnipeg theatre creator and producer, and an award-winning actor and designer. She holds an Honours Degree in Theatre Performance, with minors in Environmental Studies and Education from the University of Winnipeg.  She was honoured with a Theatre Educator Award from the Winnipeg Theatre Awards (Evies) in 2022, and was nominated for the 2021 Gina Wilkinson Award for women artists who place community and new creation models at the heart of their artistic leadership.


From 1996 through 2007, Daina worked seasonally with Green Kids Inc. as a playwright, dramaturg, actor, director, designer and tour manager. In 2010, she became the Executive Director, and has since grown Green Kids’ programming to include interactive workshops, projects created with youth and educators and large scale public events. 


Green Kids

Julie Lien
Admin / Assistant

Creative Teams

Creative Team - The Landfill Mutant vs. <Insert Your School Here>

Production Teams

Production Team - The Landfill Mutant vs. <Insert Your School Here>



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