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Who We Are

Board of Directors


Delaine Russo

I started my path on being a "green kid" as a child watching David Suzuki on “The Nature of Things”with my grandparents.  I took my interest and passion for wanting a clean and sustainable earth to school and went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree... See more about Delanie here.


Lisa Bellemare

Lisa is a Métis woman from St. Malo, Manitoba who is a descendant of the pioneers of St Malo, Manitoba. It is imperative for Lisa that we consider the impacts of our actions today on a minimum of seven future generations. Lisa’s independent grassroots-involved voice and work focus on raising awareness around Hydro issues and finding solutions for younger generations to learn to live in a sustainable way.

Michael Hancharyk

Michael Hancharyk
Member at Large

Michael is a prairie born graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Environmental Science. He's worked with non-profits to improve sustainability across the prairies and truly believes that sustainable education is the key to living a holistic lifestyle. See more about Michael here.


Jessica McGlynn
Member at Large

Jessica McGlynn (she/they) is a Queer, Métis theatre artist that creates theatre as both an actor and director for traditionally underrepresented communities, such as the LGBTQ+ and indigenous community. She uses empathy based and decolonial practices to create a working environment that allows performers to create dangerous work that is fulfilling and fun for them. She also puts forth work that ensures that audiences can have an opportunity to see themselves in it. Audience members and performers feel they have been seen through the work she puts forth and that their experiences are valid.

Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Alissa Watson.jpg

Alissa Watson
Member at Large

Alissa is a Winnipeg born artist and educator whose passions include physical comedy and “clowning around”.  She fell in love with Green Kids watching a production of The Lorax as a student many, MANY years ago and is thrilled to help promote environmental education all these years later. See more about Alissa here.

Eric Rae Photo.JPG

Eric Rae
Member at Large

Eric (he/they/iel) is a bilingual (English/French), non-binary, anarchist theatre artist and activist. He studied theatre at the University of Winnipeg and at l’Université du Côte d’Azur. Eric firmly believes that grassroots movements grounded in community are our best hope for real change, and that we need to reexamine all of the systems that govern our world down to their foundations. He knows we can do better, we just need more people to believe.

General Membership

Loc Lu

Willow Harvey

Becquie Lake

Green Kids

Julie Lien
Admin / Assistant

Creative Teams

Creative Team - The Landfill Mutant vs. <Insert Your School Here>

Production Teams

Production Team - The Landfill Mutant vs. <Insert Your School Here>


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