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About Us

Green Kids Inc. is a live theatre company dedicated to environmental education through performance. We explore environmental science through theatre, allowing participants to imagine, empathize and laugh, all while understanding the serious issues we face. We inspire audiences and participants to be gentler on our planet, giving them both hope and accountability through meaningful yet simple changes in daily habits, with tangible goals.  Our programming is informative, realistic, and optimistic. We emphasize community spirit and individual action, with the message being that every little bit of help is an invaluable contribution. 


Green Kids was founded in 1991 to address the need for accessible environmental education that inspired action.  We have grown to offer programming not only to kids, but also families and the general public.

We strive to inspire young people and their families to be gentler on our planet, giving them both hope and accountability through meaningful yet simple changes in daily habits, with tangible goals. 

About Green Kids Inc.

Our Vision

Children changing the world.

Our Mission

To educate children and teachers on environmental issues and to inspire them to take positive action towards protecting our environment.

Our Method

We use love of theatre to elicit empathy and imagination.

“It’s time for us to take a stance and encourage an understanding and empathy for nature and all its living things...With the help of Green Kids and their performance Wild Wild Wilderness our Early Years classrooms are making connections between habitat, wildlife, water quality and human activity.”


Teacher, Winnipeg Beach 

Green Kids Inc. Anti-Racism Policy

Green Kids has always been an organization focused on environmental education and social justice. We are proud of our legacy however, not enough attention has been paid to inclusion and diversity both in the people we work with and in the stories that we tell. 


Today, Green Kids commits to doing better as an organization. Operating in Treaty 1 Territory, an area rich in diversity, we will strive to include Black and Indigenous perspectives as well as those from People of Colour into our projects moving forward. We endeavour to treat all peoples with dignity and respect and to work towards amplifying voices in our communities that have been diminished because of inequity or racism.


We are resolved that our anti-racism commitment be reflected in the daily operation of Green Kids through our policies, programs, and practices. We will work to implement strategies that dismantle racism within all aspects of our organization and programming to the best of our abilities, including but not limited to our:


I. Artistic & Educational Content 

II. Board of Directors & Advisory Committee

III. Administration & Operations

In all the above, we place faith in our future as environmental educators, storytellers, and advocates. We acknowledge this statement as a living document that will evolve as we come to understand more. Moving forward, we pledge to do our best; to act with open minds and hearts. We commit to meeting any future mistakes with the promise to correct, repair, and improve. 

Anti-Racism Policy

Why We Do What We Do

Environmental issues can be difficult to connect to in a classroom setting. By presenting information through story and character, Green Kids engages imagination, sense of humour, understanding, and empathy. We are specialists in drama education, offering fresh ideas for tackling tricky environmental topics, and providing educators with valuable professional development. 

Green Kids was established in 1991 to address the need for entertaining, educational programming for school-aged children about the importance of environmental stewardship. Geared towards inspiring a new generation of environmentally conscious adults, Green Kids' productions have tackled such issues as habitat preservation, waste reduction, personal health and welfare, wildlife conservation, sustainable daily habits, organic gardening, agriculture, and our world's water supply. In the past 33 years, Green Kids has performed for more than 1.4 million children in more than 1,400 schools across Canada and the USA.
We live in a time right now that children are rising up and speaking about our climate! We want to empower children by providing them with facts about environmental issues in a positive manner, and then equipping them with simple but effective tools to live “greenly”, and to speak up more wisely!

“The children were enthralled! The classroom workshops were very engaging. Thank you again."


Teacher, Saskatoon

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

Green Kids Income

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Green Kids

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Green Kids Income

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