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Each year we produce an education resource kit to accompany our show. In it you will find a terrific variety of educational activities and lessons all based upon the theme of the annual tour. Many quizzes, activities, terms, contests, resources and other items are included that will help support you in teaching the curriculum and educating children about environmental issues. Please feel free to print as many copies as you like of the entire kit or sections thereof. We also have an evaluation form in each kit for you to fill, out as we love to receive feedback on how we can improve our programming.

Resource Kits

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Wild, Wild Wilderness

Part of the Wild Wild Wilderness Program


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Fresh air, active living, healthy eating, e-waste, cyber addiction, online identity


Ebb & Flo

Water, conservation, and the impact of human activity and climate change.

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Palais Oops

Climate change and global warming.

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Happy Birthday

Learning to make environmentally-friendly shopping choices.

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Awesome Powers III

The importance of organic farming, healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, and above else, the earth's sensitivity to our daily practices.

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Rejoin Terry Firma in his quest to understand the powers of nature.

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Forest is as Forest Does

The importance of forests in our world.

Forest is as Forest Does Appendix II

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The Adventures of Eugene Green and the Clean Machine

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Online Resources

Help inspire the next generation of environmental leaders