Do you want to ensure a healthy planet for future generations?

So do we!

We’re Green Kids Inc. We teach children and youth about environmental issues and inspire them to be tomorrow’s environmental leaders. And we do it in the most exciting ways.

Where your money will go:

Every $5 donaton allows us to bring programming to one more child.

Every $1,000 donation will allow us to visit one more school, reaching 200 kids with performances and workshops.

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Green Kids Inc. is a registered charity, and relies on the generous support of individuals, foundations, organizations and businesses.


To help us create and deliver inspiring environmental education, please click on the button below. We gratefully accept donations of any size. We'd like to thank you and send you a tax receipt. Please leave us your phone number and mailing address so we can.

Partnership Opportunities

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We need as much help as we can get. Green Kids will gratefully accept support of any kind; a donation of office or tour supplies, volunteered time, or actual monetary funding of our programs. We are a registered charity in Canada, thus any support in any form is recognized with a tax-deductible receipt.

We would like to thank our financial contributors. Without their generosity, Green Kids would only be a dream.

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1% for the Planet

We're proud partners through 1% for the Planet, an organisation that assists businesses and individuals take responsibility for the environment.

Help inspire the next generation of environmental leaders