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“It was amazing.”

-Student, Winnipeg


“I liked the humor.”

-Student, Winnipeg


“I liked the reason behind the program.”

-Student, Regina


“I liked that it was interactive.”

-Student, Red Deer


“I liked it when you were talking about being green. Thank you for performing for us.”

-Student, St. Teresa Point First Nation


“I liked how we got to do different activities to tell us how important it is to recycle.”

-Student, Winnipeg


“I like the part where we used our bodies to make recyclable objects.”

-Student, Brandon


“I liked how you made props from your bodies. The play was really cool and lots of kids felt the same.”

-Student, Dauphin


“I liked the play the most. It was fun and cool.”

-Student, Toronto


“I liked the play the most because I thought it was inspiring.”

-Student, Toronto


“I like how they made it fun but so we could learn at the same time.”

-Student, Squamish


“I liked that us students got to participate and be interactive with what they were teaching.”

-Student, Windsor


“Just today I picked up a pop can at school, which I usually would have walked right by. That is the first time I've recycled outside the school.”

-Student, Portage La Prairie


“I liked when we made the picture out of our bodies.”

-Student, East Vancouver


“I liked the workshop and that we acted a lot.”

-Student, Saskatoon


“I liked when they came into our classroom and we built things with our bodies.”

-Student, Edmonton


“I thought that it was the best presentation I have ever seen. AWESOME JOB!!”

-Student, Winnipeg


“You guys rock!  Keep it up!  Also, please come back next year.”

-Student, Winnipeg


“Just wanted to say thank you so much for sending two fabulous actors/people to perform for us and work with our students. We felt the presentation was valuable and upbeat. It’s always hard to ‘entertain’ MY students, but Jeff and Spencer had their attention.

Thanks again so much!”

-Teacher, Stonewall


“The kids loved it!  And so did the teachers!”

-Teacher, Toronto



“The show was excellent. It had a great message and the kids loved the performers energy.”

-Museum Education Director, Saskatoon


“Dynamic and wonderful were two of the words used to describe the presentation. My students also volunteered that the workshop was a lot of fun; we were able to have an important conversation about how harmful polluting can be.”

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“The children were enthralled!  The classroom workshops were very engaging.  Thank you again.”

-Teacher, Saskatoon


"The show was excellent. It had a great message and the kids loved the performer’s energy.”

-Teacher, Whistler


“I loved how interactive the program was for the students. It totally engaged them!”

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“Our students were very engaged and really enjoyed the play and the workshops.”

-Teacher, Garden Hill First Nation


“It was very interactive for students. It got them to use prior knowledge while building on new info. “

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“I was super impressed with the presentation! The presenters were so dynamic and well-rehearsed and the program was extremely engaging. I couldn’t believe that all of our middle years students sat quietly through the entire performance…that doesn’t happen often!”

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“The actors were amazing!  And the classroom program was truly a unique experience for our students.  Drama sometimes takes a place on the back burner in education, and every teacher appreciated the opportunity for their students.  And it was curricular in nature!”

-Principal, Windsor


"The workshop was fun and engaging. It allowed students to further their understanding of the concepts presented in the show. It also gave them a bunch of ideas to carry forward throughout the year. The class is now planning their own public service announcements/commercials talking about the importance of recycling and other environmental issues." 

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“There was a ton of information in the presentation and I think that because it was so well-done that the students learned a lot. A parent told me that her son came home very enthusiastic about recycling.”

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“I appreciated the high energy presentation spoken in a kid friendly language, allowing student participation in the presentation and the theatre workshop that lets kids learn through drama, but still keeping with the theme of sustainability and the kids don't realize that they are learning because they are having fun while doing it. Allowed for a lot of movement in the classroom!”

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“The students loved the puppet show. They thought that some of the characters were hilarious! They were intrigued by the variety of puppets and how realistic some of them were. I feel like students enjoy the opportunity to hear messages, such as looking after nature, in a unique format and from someone else besides their teachers. As a teacher I appreciated how easy it was to arrange for the show and how little work was required for set up! 

The puppet show related very well to both our science and our social studies curriculum. There are elements of looking after the earth, nature in our community, and making choices to help the environment in each grade’s curriculum. The puppet show and the workshops made the concepts we often talk about very concrete and tangible for the students. It especially relates to big ideas that we deal with in outdoor education such as exploring nature and treating nature with respect. 

Thank you very much for coming to Vanscoy ”

-Teacher, Vanscoy 


“I thought the Wild Wild Wilderness was a terrific timely presentation. I appreciated the artistry of the backdrop and the artistry of the puppeteer. Gwen put a lot of energy into her role and was very effective. She was quite skilled at handling audience participation, which isn't easy for some performers.

There was a bit of a natural link to the indigenous culture (animals and nature) which we are all so desperately trying to incorporate into our curriculums.

I commented to Gwen when she was finished that it is astounding that we still need to teach the 3 R's.  Such a simple concept, but another generation that doesn't really know them yet.  

Thanks for persevering.  It is important!!”

-Music Specialist, Winnipeg 


“It’s time for us to take a stance and encourage an understanding and empathy for nature and all its living things.  This was a great topic, as nature is affected by each of our actions. With the help of Green Kids and their performance Wild Wild Wilderness our Early Years classrooms are making connections between habitat, wildlife, water quality and human activity.” 

-Teacher, Winnipeg Beach


“I am a teacher who attended the drama presentation put on by Gwen on Monday morning at Lord Nelson School. I would like you to know that it was an incredible presentation both dramatically and academically. My students loved and were energized by the presentation and not only walked away with the big idea of making sure they throw their trash into the garbage or recycling bins but could also recite many of the facts they heard about each animal as well.

Thank you for sharing your presentation with us.”

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“Thank you for coming all the way to East Vancouver with the show! The kids really enjoyed the puppets/Aileen and understood the message of how all animals and environments are connected to each other. The presentation is a creative way to demonstrate this understanding.  BC 's new curriculum is enquiry based; this would be great example of how students might demonstrate their knowledge/ understanding of the topic.

The students really enjoyed the workshop and the chance to act out the characters.  Aileen was at all times energetic, animated, professional and informative.  All in all a fine performance! Thanks again and good luck with any future endeavours.”

-Teacher, East Vancouver


“Just wanted to say thanks for the great presentation and the great presenter, Aileen!  The kids quite enjoyed her (as did I and the other staff!!) and it was apparent that Aileen loves doing what she does.  Aileen interacted so well with the students - they really liked her.  Also, her performance was AMAZING!  She was very knowledgable about what she was teaching the students.  She can easily manage the classes she was given in a friendly firm way!

What a great afternoon!  I am so glad we were able to partake in this program!” 

-Teacher, Pike Lake 


“We certainly enjoyed the content, the brevity -20 minutes- was just the right length for that age group; it was entertaining to have the puppets used and students learned a great deal about the animals and the impact they might have on them. I certainly enjoyed the workshop where the students could act out the animals as clay artists.

It tied in perfectly at the Gr. 4 BC level of curriculum in science for we are focusing on the interdependence of living and non-living things in our environment.

One of the Big Ideas for Fine Arts is Creative expression is a means to explore and share one's identity within a community and Artists experiment in a variety of ways to discover new possibilities, as well as dance, drama music and visual arts are each unique languages for creating and communicating, so this tied in extremely well.” 

-Teacher, North Vancouver


“I thought it was excellent for my age group (grade 2/3).  It was a great connection to both social studies and science where we learn about human impact on environment as well as animal habitats.  Students were engaged and enjoyed both the performance and workshop.  I think keeping the audience kindergarten to grade 3 is very appropriate.”

-Teacher, Edmonton


"The workshop was fun and engaging. It allowed students to further their understanding of the concepts presented in the show. It also gave them a bunch of ideas to carry forward throughout the year. The class is now planning their own public service announcements/commercials talking about the importance of recycling and other environmental issues." 

-Teacher, Brandon


“Growing up, my school would have Green Kids come out every year.  Green Kids was my introduction to caring for the environment and theatre!”  

-Teacher, Winnipeg


“The presenters did a wonderful job with all classes.  The students learned and experienced first-hand the importance of taking care of the Earth.  Thanks again, please come back next year!”

-Principal, Whistler

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