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Green Kids Inc.

Inspiring the next generation of environmental leaders

2023/2024 Green Kids Inc. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Tuesday, January 30 2023 7:00-9:00pm CST

Prairie Theatre Exchange Board Room

393 Portage Avenue, 3rd Floor


Are you passionate about our planet?

Would you like to join our team?

Green Kids Inc. ( is a Winnipeg-based live theatre company dedicated to environmental education through performance. Since 1991, we have brought programming to schools and public events across Canada.

We are looking to grow and strengthen our governance and build upon our support structure. We are seeking new Board Members and General Membership.


Ideal candidates will have knowledge and/or interest in any of the following:

- Environment
- Education
- Theatre / Performing Arts - Youth / Families
- Fundraising
- Marketing
- Graphic Design
- Website Maintenance
- Social Media
- Accounting
- Law


We welcome members from anywhere in Canada.


  1. Approval of the 2022 Financial Statements

  2. Budget for the 2023/2024 Fiscal years

  3. Updates to Green Kids By-Laws

  4. Green Kids Membership Program

  5. Vote & Election of the Board of Directors

Pre-registration is required.
Please send your contact information (name, address, email & phone #) to:




Green Kids Board of Directors positions:

  • Board Chair

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Members at Large
    Time commitment is 1-3 hours per month.

    If you would like to join the Board of Directors of Green Kids Inc., please submit your name for consideration by 5:00pm CST on January 29th, 2023. Please send your contact information (name, address, email & phone #) as well as a short bio (maximum 200 words) and the board position you wish to be considered for to:



We are also looking to connect with a broader range of individuals to be part of our General Membership: a group of people of all ages who will support Green Kids in a variety of smaller ways over the year.

Membership is free. Members will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Have an opportunity to vote at our AGM,

  • Can run for election to our Board of Directors,

  • Be informed of upcoming events, and

  • Be made aware of volunteer opportunities.
    If you would like to join the General Membership of Green Kids Inc., please send your contact

    information (name, address, email & phone #) to:


Forest Path


Mutant Rectangle Art.png

Green Kids is looking for schools across Canada to participate in The Landfill Mutant Vs. <Insert Your School Here>. This is a program designed to mentor grade 5-7 classes as they produce their own Green Kids show for their school and community. We are looking to work with schools in all pockets of the country.  


The program includes an hilarious script written to be performed and designed by young actors, and directed by their teacher. Support materials include a Study Guide and Director’s Guide for educators and a Designer’s Guide and Research Manual for students.

Also offered in French as Le mutant maléfique de la décharge dégueulasse vs (nom de votre école).

Are you an interested educator?  

Send us a note!


Are you a potential donor looking to sponsor a school in your area?


Send us a note

Green Kids est à la recherche d’écoles partout au Canada qui veulent participer dans notre programme Le mutant maléfique de la décharge dégueulasse vs (nom de votre école). C’est un programme créer pour guider les classes de 5e année à la 7e pendant qu’ils montent leur propre production de la pièce pour leurs écoles et leurs communautés. On veux travailler avec des écoles dans tous les coins du pays.


Inclus dans le programme est un script hilarant qui est écrit pour les jeunes comédien(ne)s et concepteurs/trices avec la mise en scène fait par un(e) enseignant(e). Inclus avec le texte de la pièce est un guide d’étude et un guide de mise en scène pour les enseignant(e)s et un guide de conception et un guide de recherche pour les élèves.

Ce programme est aussi offert en anglais sous le titre 'The Landfill Mutant vs <Insert Your School Here>'

Est-ce que ça vous intéresse comme éducateur ou éducatrice?



Êtes-vous un(e) donneur ou donneuse qui veut peut-être sponsoriser une école dans votre communauté?


Do you want to ensure a healthy planet for future generations?

So do we!

We’re Green Kids Inc. We teach children and youth about environmental issues and inspire them to be tomorrow’s environmental leaders. And we do it in the most exciting ways.


“Thank you for coming to my school and helping me understand how important our water is. I’m telling my mom. I know she’ll help, too.”

Student, Winnipeg

Land Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgment

We are on Treaty 1 land, the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg, the birthplace of the Red River Métis, and the meeting place of the Dakota, Ininíwak, Ithiniwak, Denesułine, Anishininiwak, Inuit, and Nakota.


We acknowledge that our drinking water in the City of Winnipeg is sourced from Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, a community who from 1997 until just months ago lived under a boil water advisory, while Winnipeggers used this resource from their land with little thanks and no reciprocity.  


Green Kids is working to educate and inspire future generations of environmentalists, while taking our cues from Indigenous water and land protectors, the original environmentalists on this land.  


As we learn and grow, this Land Acknowledgement will too.



We are honoured to have financial support confirmed from the following:
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Manitoba Sports, Culture and Heritage

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Inspire Canada’s next generation of environmental leaders by bringing environmental education into the classroom.

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